Gaining back control of your business starts with the numbers.

Let's get your numbers in order.

Starting a business is easy. Running it profitably is the hard part. Make sure to keep an eye on the cash.Let us help you take the guesswork out of it.

We're on a mission to help build equitable wealth within our communities by helping start, grow, and scale businesses.

Here's what we do.

Get you off the ground & started.

  • Launch your business or side hustle

  • Register and organize your business

Get your house in order.

  • setup business management system

  • setup bookkeeping system

  • setup payroll

  • budgeting

Fractional CFO or COO Services

  • on-demand CFO & COO

  • fractional CFO & COO

  • financial modeling

  • unit economics

  • cost accounting

Additional Services

  • 1099s

  • Taxes

  • Tax planning

  • minority certifications

  • cpa

  • strategy & growth

  • financial analysis

  • cost accounting

  • Entrepreneurial Business Management

  • Financial, Growth and Scale Strategy

  • Venture Capital, Investment Structures

  • Financial and Growth Modeling

  • Tax strategy

  • compliance

  • KPI development

  • minority certification

  • market growth & new market development

  • diversity & inclusion

  • procurement

  • goverment contracting

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Let's get your numbers in order.

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